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I'm back with another part of our inspiring series; this time with Claudia.  Let's find out more about her life and super beautiful Instagram feed. 

Where do you live? do you have children? 

Exactly one year ago we've moved to the Bavarian Alps, Germany. I live in a house in the countryside with my husband Philip and three children - Emma 4y, Romy 2y and Bo, who was born in September, sourrounded by nature and feeling really blessed to call this place home now. 

Do you work? 

We are both photographers and I was working as a visual merchandiser before the kids. Now I’m at home with them and very happy to have the opportunity to work from home most of the time, as a photographer as well as for my blog.  

How do you relax?

Well there is not much time to relax when you have three kids (laughing) but I love to be outdoors as much as possible and that’s quite relaxing too, here in the mountains. 

Do you have any tips on coping with being tired?

If you are really tired, I mean, reeeally tired, sleep when your kids are sleeping. Mostly mums try to get stuff done (laundry and stuff like that) but this can wait. Do not stress yourself with things that can be done later. Kids don’t want a perfect mum, they need a happy one. 

What is the last book/magazine you read?

Hehe, honestly? The Wizzard of Oz, together with my oldest daughter :) 

Where do you shop clothes for you and your baby?

For me, mostly when I’m on vacation. I love small boutiques and for the kids I recently love Monkind Berlin, Matona Studios, Organic Zoo and Minimalisma. 

Your latest favourite band/musician?

I'm still a big fan of „The Black Keys“. Philip and I were on a concert in London and it was amazing. 

Have you got any tips on how to grow Instagram following? and what does Instagram mean to you?

 I think the best way to do instagram is to be yourself and tell your story. All the stories of others already have been told. Be authentic, I think that’s what’s essential. For me it’s a great way to combine my passion for photography and telling stories visually.

Why do you like S&B?

I love the simple wooden toys, which encourage the children’s imagination and the art of play in a very beautiful way. And for me, it’s one of the shops where you can find most beautiful and unique presents - not only for kids but for mums, dads, grandparents, too.

What is your favourite toy/item from our collection?

Oh I could not choose just one, but I adore the book, Birthday Letters to My Baby‘, the wooden leaf puzzle and the safari friends. As well as all those cute wooden toys and the idea of sending them in a personalized canvas bag… 
Thank you so much Claudia for being part of our stories!
Read Claudias' Blog here and Instagram feed here