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We all know art is fun for most of kids. But it often gets forgotten after sport, music and other activities. Parents sometimes think kids are fine to do drawing or painting themselves and there is no need for them to go to a club or an art school. And of course that’s completely fine. Some kids love art and some don’t. But if your child enjoys being creative, it’s worth considering joining a local art club or school. 

Art allows kids express themselves better then math or science. It’s proven that children who actively do art are better at creative thinking and problem solving. It’s fantastic opportunity for developing their motor skills; holding paintbrush, scissors, pencils or using clay.

Art is also wonderful tool to build children's confidence, visual learning and focus.

My daughter is very artistic and although we can do loads of projects at home ourselves, it’s lovely to meet other children with the same hobby and be guided by a professional.

We started working with Emma Doyle, who is a young local artist and is super nice and kind. We host her classes every Saturday morning in our workshop space.  I love seeing different project my daughter brings home every week and it’s a joy to observe her improvement throughout the year.

Our local classes in Cheam Village run every Saturday morning and they are divided into two age groups. We also have couple children's workshops we will be running over half term in February, which are both fantastic opportunity for kids to try and learn new things. For booking & more information head over here. And how fantastic is this review we received recently? 

 "My 8 year old son prefers art rather than sports so when I saw the art classes held at Sarah & Bendrix I enrolled him for a 5 week course at the back end of 2018, he loved it so much that I continued the 10 week course and have just renewed for January. The course content and technical assistance he receives from the tutor is fantastic and he comes home every Saturday with fabulous sketches/paintings/models which are tailored to his age group and he really enjoys it, so I am very pleased with this class." 

To book & more information:  

weekly ART CLUB head over here. 

February Half term : Art Workshop for kids on 21st February here

& Calligraphy for kids here