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Our volume 4 features Lauren, an inspiring mum and blogger. While working full time, she blogs about her family, fashion, food and style. We asked her a few questions to find out what it is like to go back to work full time, how she relaxes, what blogs she reads and about her secret trick - 8 hours of sleep in 8 minutes...

Where do you live? Have you got child/children? 

Yes! We have two boys, Archie and Ollie and a little red dog called Halle. We're currently based in Cheshire, England. Although I'm Welsh and Colin in Scottish. We say the boys are 'Scwelsh' which suits them perfectly! Lol 

Do you work? 

I do! I work full time for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I started as a make-up artist on counter but 9 years later a travel around the UK and Ireland with work. It's a job I really love and feel is part of me. Although I miss the boys terribly, it felt quite natural to return to work after becoming a mum. 

How do you relax?

The thing that first comes to mind is a hot bath by candle light, that's just the best. But I also love a long walk in the countryside, cooking, writing and generally just spending time with family. That's the best way to unwind. 

Do you have any tips on coping with being tired?

Gosh, I really wish I had some kind of magic recipe to share, but I'm afraid I don't! I'm a big believer that fresh hair and a bit of make-up can make a world of difference to how you feel. No matter how tired I am, I try to give myself a good 30mins to shower, moisturise and apply a few key products that make me feel ready to face the day. I wrote a blog post called '8 hours sleep in 8 minutes' which has been my best received blog post to date.

What is the last book/magazine you read?

Goodness, it's been a long time since I've found the time to sit and read a whole book. I love to read blogs. Some of my favourites are ThisisJules SallyFazelli, TheLondoner, HannahArgyle and MeandOrla

Where do you shop clothes for you and your child?

I LOVE online stores for Ollies clothes, something a little different. Spanish brands are my favourite like Bubula Kids, Pepa and Co, Merilly Style. I also love JoJo Maman Bebe and Zara. For myself, it's mostly Boden, Zara and good old H&M. 

Your latest favourite band/musician?

So hard to pick just one, I mainly listen to playlists on Spotify depending on my mood. From Ed Sheeran to Drake to Nina Simone...I love it all. 

What is your secret to a good photo of your children?

Natural light makes a huge difference to picture quality, just bright though, not direct sunlight. I love natural shots, Ollie and I will usually just wander about, play cuddle kiss in front of the camera for a few mins and Colin will take loads of pictures. Usually, hopefully, there's a good one in there somewhere! 

Why do you like S&B KIDS?

I adore them. I always dreamt my children would play with beautiful heirloom worthy pieces like the stacking bunny or the sweet little mice. They really love them too, and I hope we pass them on to their own children one day. 

What is your favourite toy/item from our collection?

All the bundles are gorgeous, but the wooden leaf puzzle is so so beautiful. I love teaching the boys about the seasons and this is simply beautiful. 

 Thank you so much Lauren! ....Lauren's blog -  Hunters & Heels, @huntersandheels.

Items featured in this post from our shop ; Wooden Leaf Puzzle - £35.00, Bartholomew - wooden dog rattle - £12.50, Genevieve - Pull Along Duck - £15.00, Arthur - Pull Along Drummer- £14.50, Memory Card Game - £8.00, Henrietta - Stacking Bunny - £9.50, Wooden Mice - £9.50, Bunny Print - £18.00