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Do you shop online? And are you ending up with loads of packaging materials? Plastic, bubble wrap, cardboard, and envelopes? Last year we decided to completely get rid of plastic packaging and if you ever get any plastic with your order, it's only because we received it from our supplier or customers. 
As an online company we have to buy loads of cardboard boxes and paper bags, but what do our customers do with them? Hopefully, some are ending up in composts, being reused or recycle bins. But how many times can cardboard actually be recycled? Paper can be recycled about 4-6 times, plastic about 7-9, after that is not usable. When recycled, cardboard is used to make chipboard like cereal boxes, paperboard, paper towels, tissues and printing or writing paper
Anyway, we had another idea...
We thought what about if we encourage our customers to be playful with our packaging? What about if we give them ideas for projects and fun activities with their kids? So we tried it ourselves. We created castles, houses and even a bus! Some of us are VERY! creative. We printed labels for our boxes with drawings of our projects, and stickers for our paper bags, with sayings like: 'I can be your shoe storage bag', 'I can be a potatoe or sandwich bag'.
Let's be honest and realistic.  We know not everyone has the time, creativity and interest in this. But if we can just play a small positive part in the huge online shopping waste, it would be worth it. If our stickers and prompts make people think, spark an idea and have fun with their kids it would seriously put a smile on our faces. 
Because in the end, sometimes an empty cardboard box can be the best toy!
And if you create something fun with your little one, don't forget to tag us  #recyclewithchildren. So let's have fun!