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Our volume 5 features Viktoria, an inspiring mum from northern Sweden. She lives with her husband, two children, cat, dog and 30 chickens! We asked her a few questions about her life and tips for the perfect photo... 

Where do you live? Do you have children?

We live in northern Sweden in a little place called Tvärålund. We live on the countryside so off course we have a cat, a dog and this spring we also got some chickens! Some or some, I got crazy and now we have 30 of them. Got the first eggs this week! Yey! Me and Erik got married this summer and we have two kids together, Wilhelm soon 4 years old and Julie 1,5 years old.

Do you work? 

I work at the kids kindergarden. I have been home with the kids for 19 months but going back to work on Monday! So many feelings!

How do you relax?

The best way for me to relax is to sit down with some DIY-projects. All alone, some ideas and no time limit. Some music and a candle... Wonderful. Or spend time in the garden watching our chickens pick all around the yard..

Do you have any tips on coping with being tired?

No. Sorry. Still figuring that out!

What is the last book/magazine you read?

Hm, that was a Swedish interior magazine called Hus & Hem! (House & Home)

Where do you shop clothes for you and your child?

I don't shop for myself very often! The kids clothes are more fun, I try to shop from different brands, pic out some interesting for their outfits that's not every kid is wearing. Mostly organic, that's important to me. I shop from both big and small brands.

Your latest favourite band/musician?

I have no real favourite, I listen to whatever is on the radio! Some old and some new! I can't say I have a favourite!

What is your secret to a good photo of your children?

Timing. The kids have to be in the right mood first of all! The light has to be good so their movements doesn't ruin the pictures.. I have the camera nearby so I can catch the moments, some times I see a great shot and then the camera MUST be near! 5 sec later the moment has passed! And also. The secret.. Bribes.

Why do you like S&B KIDS?

I love wooden toys, non-toxic and beautiful. S&B has great designs and we want it all!

What is your favourite toy/item from our collection?

I really love the leaf puzzle!!!!! So beautiful!

Thank you so much Viktoria!  all phots are by Viktoria - her Instagram - @baravickan, blog 

Items featured from our shop - Bartholomew - Wooden rattle - £12.50, Hugo - Pull Along Bear - £11.00, Montgomery - dog with xylophone - £14.50, Odette - Stacking duck - £9.50, Four Leaf Puzzle - £22.00, Animal Kingdom - set of magnetic toys - £59.50, Seal Watercolour Print - £10.00